Do you feel completely exhausted and disconnected from the Woman you used to be before you had children?

Is your relationship with your partner/children, your business or your sanity suffering? Or probably all three….?!

Are you sick of the lies and comments that this is just how it is now? You’re a Mother and this new life is here to stay….?

Do you dream of having more energy, feeling calm and relaxed, more confident setting boundaries and finding your identity as a Woman once again…?


Hi! I’m Melanie Hansen and I am a Women’s Health Coach for exhausted, disconnected Mothers.

I have helped transform hundreds of Women’s lives, through helping them to increase their energy, feel more confident setting boundaries in their life and business, heal relationships, improve their mood and wellbeing, reduce stress, improve sleep and find more time in their busy schedule for them!

Are you ready to let me help you to transform your life too?


“Since working with Melanie I feel totally amazing! I have noticed so much more energy, even when going to bed extremely late. I wake feeling vibrant and ready for the challenges ahead. Melanie has been extremely helpful and supportive” ~ Rosa

“Melanie makes you feel amazing she has such a wonderful energy that is motivating & inspiring” ~ Chloe

“Melanie’s passion for the wellness industry shows through in everything she does to help her clients improve their lives and achieve their ultimate goals. She is dedicated to ensuring that she provides her clients with the best possible care and attention. Her love and dedication for what she does is evident as she goes above and beyond in all she does” ~ Angela

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