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6 Best Practices To Let Go of Overwhelm Today


6 Best Practices To Let Go of Overwhelm Today

We are all dealing with different levels of stress and overwhelm right now. No matter what the world or our own personal lives throw at us, there are many times in our life (and sometimes it’s even daily!) that we have varying degrees and levels of both stress and overwhelm weighing us down.

Maybe you’ve lost your job or your business has had to close its doors, you might be self isolating away from loved one, you might have or had children at home, home schooling or trying to navigate the schools online education all while still working from home. For those working in hospitals, Drs surgeries, clinics, supermarkets and other businesses that are still open you have a lot to deal with.

Add on to this that we are not able to socialise and see family and friends…life as we knew it is totally different and this can cause huge amounts of stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

I encourage you right now to bring things back to basics. Focus on the simple, easy actions and practices that we can manage right now. These practices will help to ease that heavy feeling of overwhelm and calm a stressful mind.

These are my suggestions to you. Pick one or two to begin with and make it a daily (or almost daily) practice before you pick another one to try. I also encourage you to pick the practices that you know will be easiest for you to stick to.

1. Deep belly breathing

Inhaling and exhaling through the nose, drawing the breath all the way down into your belly. Aim for 10 slow, long, deep breaths twice per day.

2. Time outdoors in nature

Do your best to make time outdoors a high priority for you and your family. Connecting with nature has such a soothing effect on our nervous system and can very quickly help us to feel calm and grounded.

3. Gratitude practice

It’s almost impossible to feel stressed and resentful while feeling deeply grateful. Every morning or evening, take a few moments to be grateful for 3 things in your life right now. If you are finding it hard to think of anything, be grateful for the roof over your head, the food on your dinner plate and a loved one.

4. Meditation or mindfulness practices

A daily practice of mindfulness or meditation should be a non negotiable, just like daily exercise and eating vegetables. Even just 10-15 mins a day can significantly help you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed. There are so many options to chose from, and I encourage you to explore until you find a practice that you both love and find easy.

5. If you are feeling flighty and too much in your head, try one of these practices to help you feel more grounded, centred and calm:

  • Yoga – child’s pose, bound angle, seated forward fold, squat, legs up the wall, savasana are just a few of the many yoga poses that can support you.
  • Eat root vegetables – carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips, turnips, beetroots ets
  • Lay or sit on the ground outdoors – Connect with the Earth as much as possible, drawing your attention to the feeling of the Earth supporting you.

6. Daily exercise

Exercise releases feel good hormones and helps to regulate and decrease anxiety, stress and depression. Please just be mindful of the types of exercise you are practicing if you are highly stressed as the wrong types of exercise can cause more stress. I encourage you to feel in to what your body is needing – walk/jog, weights, HIIT, yoga, swimming etc.

And a few extra little tips that will help immensely…

  • Stop watching the news and scrolling social media daily.
  • Limit this to once a day when you feel okay to do so.
  • Monitor how much caffeine you are consuming. Coffee can really add to the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.
  • Stop trying to do it all – set boundaries, say no and prioritise the essentials only.
  • Simplify everything that you possibly can right now.
  • Homeschooling/Home learning? Be easy on yourself. Do the best you can and if your kids are in primary school, just enjoy this time with them as best you can
  • Try to create a schedule that you can stick to each day. This can really help to feel more comfortable with knowing you have allocated time each day for the tasks that you want to achieve. Especially helpful for the mamas who are now working from home and juggling the kids.

My hope is that you will be able to pick a few practices and tools from here to start implementing now.

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Stay well.

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