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8 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

8 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

Finding it hard to stay motivated to workout? You’re not alone. A lot of people find it really hard to stay motivated to exercise. Especially if you’re a mum who has a lot of responsibilities and an endless list of tasks.  That’s why I put together these 8 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise. I hope that these simple tips help you to be on track and motivated to keep moving.

Here are 8 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

1.) Put your gym clothes on first thing in the morning even if you aren’t working out until the afternoon. I know this may not be possible if you work in an office or similar, but at least if you can’t wear your gym clothes, have them all packed and ready for the gym or laid out ready to be put on.

2.) Set your intentions for the whole week on Sunday night. Schedule your workouts into your diary as you would any other appointment/meeting. Even better try and workout with a friend/partner/family member whenever possible as this will keep you on track as you won’t want to let anyone down. You are so much more likely to work out if you have scheduled it in and you have someone holding you accountable.

3.) Find new ways to workout that you enjoy and are fun. If you’re lacking the motivation to get to the same class at the same gym you have been going to for the past 12 months or more – it might be time to find something new. Try a dance class, martial arts, Zumba, yoga, pilates, a new gym or try working out at home.

4.) Get moving outdoors. Go for a brisk walk or run and inhale that beautiful fresh air. You’ll feel so energized and alive after spending only 30 minutes getting back to nature. Go for a hike or bushwalk somewhere new and take the whole family with you – it’ll be a great day out that everyone will enjoy.

5.) Hire a Personal Trainer. Being accountable to someone can make the world of difference when you are seriously lacking motivation. A Personal Trainer can tailor a program to meet your needs and help you reach your goals much quicker. Plus being accountable to someone means you cant keep making excuses not to workout.

6.) Buy some new gym clothes and/or shoes. Having workout gear you love to wear that makes you feel good will help motivate you to get moving! You don’t have to spend loads of money either – there are so many shops/brands these days bringing out really fun workout gear.

7.) Find a group of like-minded people and get together regularly to inspire, motivate and educate each other. Surround yourself with like-minded people to keep you focused on your goals.

8.) Exercise with the kids. Jump on the trampoline, run around a park or oval, kick a football, climb, jump, swing, run…….whatever you want! I promise you’ll have so much fun and the kids will love it. Plus as a bonus you’re spending quality time with the kids AND working out at the same time.

We all have days or even weeks when we lack motivation to workout – either because we are tired, feel like we have no energy or just really cant be bothered! These simple tips will help keep you on track and focused to workout which ultimately will see you reaching your goals and feeling great about yourself. Now get out there and move!


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