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Hi! I’m Melanie Hansen and I am a Certified Womens Integrative Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher,  Beach Lover, Healthy Living Enthusiast, and Super Busy Mum!

I am the owner of a Boutique Holistic Health Practice for Women in Adelaide Australia.

It’s my passion to inspire, motivate and educate other women to achieve optimal health through a wellness approach that encompasses living healthy in body, mind and spirit – bringing balance in to their lives to live fit, healthy and happy.

I want you to feel beautiful, to be happy, confident, motivated, full of energy and for the most part to love yourself and your life every day. Since having my first baby in 2008 I have dedicated my time and interests to finding ways to bring health, wellness and balance into mine and my families lives.

I used to be that person who never had time for myself, who was always stressed out and anxious and would mindlessly stumble through the day and everything that needed to be done often over eating and feeling worn out by the end of the day. I was too busy making sure everything and everyone else were ok first that I would often forget about myself and my own needs.

Over time I have learnt to be more present, calmer and to intentionally make some time everyday to bring myself back to the present moment and try to purposefully balance my body, mind and spirit – even if on my busiest days it’s just 15 minutes, to sit and read or do a quick stretch or meditation on the office floor! This simple practice has helped me deal with stress, anxiety and the busyness of life and I feel like I have control and that everything I’m doing is for a purpose and a reason. I’m the one controlling my life, not life controlling me (well for the most part)!

I truly believe that our health is the absolute most important thing in our lives and that every one of us should be making our health and the health of our families a priority, after all, without good health, nothing else matters. Yet so many of us place our own health on the back burners, while the craziness of life takes the better of us.

I know that for the most part it can sometimes be confusing knowing where to start and how to begin this wellness journey, but one of the best changes you can make right now is to stop putting everything and everyone else first and look after yourself foremost. If you are being looked after then you will become a better person for it and you will be able to look after your loved ones much easier and with more love, patience and kindness.

Its not going to be an easy journey, but I’m totally dedicated to helping you become the fittest, healthiest, happiest “YOU” that you could ever imagine. Its my passion to inspire, motivate and educate women like you to bring balance in to your life. Join me now and lets get started on your biggest journey to good health and total wellbeing.

Love Melanie xxx

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