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Improve Your Reproductive Health Naturally

Improve Your Reproductive Health Naturally

We often don’t think about our reproductive health or fertility until we are wanting to have babies, much more in paying attention to improving your health naturally.

Like many women you probably have a bad or embarrassing memory of your very first period, have heard said millions of times by those closest to you “How annoying it is being a female and having a monthly period” and most likely once you felt comfortable with the idea, began using tampons, popping pain killers and started using birth control to make it all go away and not have to worry about it. Now I know I’m not alone here…..right?!

This is a very common story for many women (yours might be slightly different of course). And unless you suffer each month from painful and heavy periods you probably really don’t give your reproductive health much thought.

But I encourage you to see things differently.

I believe that our Fertility = Health

And I believe that we should start taking notice of what’s happening down there and start making it a priority to ensure that we understand whats going on each month and make healthy and positive lifestyle changes.

Apart from just being aware of our reproductive health, we should also know how to improve your reproductive health naturally. The state of your reproductive health could be the key to understanding your overall health and is quite possibly your body’s way of sending you little (or big) messages about what it does or doesn’t need.

5 Top Suggestions To improve your Reproductive Health Naturally.

  1. Reduce your toxic exposure from our environment:
    • Limit your exposure to plastics.
    • As your beauty products run out, replace them with natural/organic products instead.
    • Eat organic fruits and vegetables where possible.
    • Drink clean, filtered/spring water and lots of it each and every day.
    • Ditch the perfume and use essential oils instead.
  2. Manage Your Stress:
    • A restorative or yin yoga is perfect here to help you slow down.
    • Deep belly breathing – long slow breaths deep into the belly.
    • Meditation or mindfulness practice.
    • Changing the ways you perceive stress. Is it really that bad? Or can you shrug it off?
    • Get adequate sleep and rest.
    • Surround yourself with supportive women.
  3. Feel Into Your Feminine Energy:
    • Practice nourishing fertility practices such as fertility yoga, dance, massage, etc.
    • Allow time for play, rest, creativity, and relaxation on a regular basis.
    • Listen to and trust your own intuition.
    • Slow down in all areas of your life.
    • Be in touch with nature regularly.
  4. Make Better Food Choices:
    • Reduce inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, soy, sugar/sweeteners, corn, peanuts.
    • Increase the amount of nutrient-dense whole foods that you are eating.
    • Avoid processed and packaged foods as much as possible.
    • Improve your gut health with prebiotics and probiotics.
    • Don’t become so obsessed with your food that it causes stress.
  5. Support Your Body To Naturally Detox:
    • Eat a diet high in colored foods – eat a rainbow!!
    • Mobilize stored toxins in fat with daily exercise.
    • Start a regular yoga practice.
    • Drink plenty of good quality water.

You’ll notice that many of the tips cross over and are all interconnected. This isn’t by accident of course. Our body is so intricately interwoven – everything affects everything.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary Reproductive Health Check please click here and lets chat soon. You will leave the call with a clear plan and guidelines to follow, totally specific to you.

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