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THe well-supported mother program

Life is crazy busy –

I totally get it!

I’m a mamma of 2 gorgeous kids and I know first-hand the struggles of being a mum. It can be so hard to look after yourself when there are always so many other things to do. The thing is though, time waits for no woman, and the longer you ignore your own health and well-being, the lower your energy levels will go and the harder it will be to pull yourself up and out of it. I know. I’ve been there.

Beautiful mamma – this has been created especially
for you.

Melanie | Mel with children 2
Melanie | Happy Mother

This is for you. The woman I see living inside the frantic mother trying to be all things to all people.

You. The woman who remembers how she used to feel before motherhood and who wants to feel that way again.

You. The woman who worries that this is as good as it gets and who doesn’t yet know it can be so much better!

I’m here to tell you the exhaustion you feel, the lethargy and the stress that weigh you down – that’s not the way it has to be. And—what’s more—getting back to a place where you feel energised, happy and healthy doesn’t have to take time away from your family or your children.

This will change the way you think about life and about yourself

You’ll be happier, more confident, super-motivated and full of energy! Feeling calm and in control, you’ll be able to move through your daily to-do list with ease and efficiency so you can have and enjoy the time you crave with your family. You’ll stop feeling so frustrated, grumpy, moody and fatigued, with no energy left for your partner (or yourself). Instead you’ll feel vibrant, motivated, energised, joyful, excited, carefree, and inspired!

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“When I first started working with Melanie I was in turmoil. Every aspect of my life was completely out of balance. I’d just lost my husband; I was emotionally eating and overweight and my mental health was suffering. My complete focus was on my children and everything else felt way too hard – I thought my life would never change. Somewhere in that fog, I realised I needed to save myself, not only for me but for my children. I signed up to Melanie’s program and can honestly say it changed my life. I detoxed from toxic foods, learned about my body’s food intolerances and kicked my caffeine and sugar habits to the kerb. I lost 7kg and stopped feeling heavy and bloated. While my journey to complete wellness continues, thanks to Mel I know I can achieve my goals, and I’m now excited about changing my life instead of feeling scared and anxious.” –
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What will we cover?

The Well-Supported Mother is a 1:1 personally customised program. This means nothing is pre-written for you. We focus on the obstacles that are standing in your way and together, we overcome them all.

Depending on your needs, the topics we cover could include:

What sets this program apart?

Work With Me | The Well-Supported Mother 1:1 coaching program

I’m a busy mamma too and I completely understand that children get sick, unexpected events pop up, family emergencies happen, and time feels like it’s constantly running away from you. I get it. I’ve experienced the exact same things. If that happens, we have the flexibility to work around it, and I’ll be here cheering you on so you don’t completely fall off the wagon.

Work With Me | The Well-Supported Mother 1:1 coaching program

That’s why The Well-Supported Mother is a 1:1 personally customised program

I know every mum is different. That’s why I mould the program to suit you, your life and your family.

Over 20 weeks, I’ll work closely with you on the areas in your life that YOU need help with. I’ll support you and hold you accountable. I’ll help you reach your goals and make the positive changes in your life that I know you so badly want to make. The key to your success is having the support you need. Beautiful mamma, I am here for you 100%.

Everything a busy mamma needs to start living her best life

The Well-Supported Mother program is a 20-week program that’s incredibly easy to follow. You can start at any time that suits you and your program will be customised to give you the support YOU need. By focusing on 6 core areas, this program will help you overcome the overwhelm and stress you feel in your life. The areas we cover are:

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The Well-Supported Mother program won’t take any time away from your beautiful children. In fact, it will motivate you to do and experience even MORE with them than you do now.

Instead of resenting the time you have to spend doing chores, you’ll start finding joy in your daily routine. Instead of feeling exhausted and dull, you’ll feel alive and vibrant again. This program will teach you how to fit health and wellness into your hectic days, so you have more energy and feel amazing!

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What do you get with the 20-week Well-Supported Mother program?

Because your program will be customised to your life and your needs, there’s a huge amount of variety in the tools, advice, information and support I could give you. No matter what you need to focus on to make your life better though, I promise you the following:

    • 14 Steps To Wellness
    • 5 Foods That Will Help You lose Weight Naturally
    • The Energy eBook
    • The Busy Mother’s Guide To Weight-Loss


You’ll get a bonus 30-minute follow-up call with me 2 weeks after you’ve finished your program. This is your opportunity to let me know how you’re going and for me to give you any further support or advice you might need.


Or if you want to know more about the The Well-Supported Mother program, all you need to do is book a free health consultation with me. We’ll have a chat about your needs and start creating an individual self-care program that suits you, your family and your life.