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Turn Routines Into Rituals

Turn Routines Into Rituals

Love them or hate them we all have routines. That why we should learn and know its importance and how we can Turn Routines Into Rituals.

Morning routines, evening routines, getting to school or work routines, routines for ourselves, routines for our families. More often than not routines can start to feel like groundhog day – the same thing day in, day out.


I might just have a solution for you!

Turning these routines into rituals can change the way you feel about these sometimes boring routines. And it can mean you’re sneakily bringing some self-care habits into your day.

Take for example your morning routine. I know every household and every family is different and has different needs. But let’s look at a fairly standard, basic morning routine. You get up, have a shower, get dressed, get the kids up, dress them, and make breakfast for the kids. You probably don’t have time for your own breakfast. You’ll have a cup of coffee, race out the door to get to school and/or work. And repeat this 5 days a week. Eeek!!

Now, what about if we made a few small additions that didn’t take much time or energy? And meant that every day you were giving yourself some self-care and some self-love?

Here are a few tips on how to turn routines into rituals that I often use (not every day) that you might like to incorporate into your morning routine 

woman's morning routine

  1. Spend around 30 seconds visualizing our day and setting an intention for that day before jumping out of the bed.
  2. While in the shower, take a moment to be grateful for just 1 positive thing in your life.
  3. Before you get dressed, give yourself an amazing body boost using a chemical-free body lotion or oil with a few drops of your favourite Essential Oil and a few sprays of Magnesium Health Spray. This will only take 30 seconds to rub all over the body focusing your attention on how incredible your body truly is.
  4. Once everyone is up and dressed light a candle or turn on your vapouriser in the kitchen/living area. Candles help me to stay present and mindful and can be very useful in the mornings when things are usually busy and rushed.
  5. When you make breakfast for the kids actually make some for yourself too!

By just taking a few extra moments throughout your morning you have just added in some self-care rituals to start your day and instead of the busy morning being about everyone else. You have now very easily included a few moments for yourself! How cool is that?!

Why not try just one tomorrow morning and see how it feels? You just never know how much that one small change can make to your day and the way you feel. I would love to hear how you go in the comments below.

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