Melanie Hansen


It’s not about being good at something,

it’s about being good to yourself

I teach a number of different styles of yoga to strengthen, stretch and nurture your body, to bring ease and calm to your mind, and to bring joy to your heart.

The ancient Indian practice of yoga encourages you to move your body and use your breath to help improve strength, health, happiness and well-being. I came to yoga through a love of fitness and needing something in my life beyond, yet complementary to, my weights and running sessions. I fell in love with yoga almost instantly, using it for stress-reduction, stretching, and as a way to keep moving throughout my pregnancies.

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Yin Yoga is a wonderfully calming and balancing form of yoga. In its relative stillness, Yin Yoga finds the perfect balance between the masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies in our lives.

When I first discovered and studied Yin, I very quickly fell in love with the practice and the philosophies behind this gentle form of yoga. For me, Yin Yoga gave me the chance to be still in my body, mind and soul – a feeling I craved with everything else going on in life.

Because it’s so gentle, Yin is great if you’re new to yoga and wanting to give it a go, or if you’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, increase your circulation or improve your flexibility, or bring some much needed balance into your life.

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Beautiful Vinyasa Flow incorporates traditional yoga postures with the flow of your breath, cultivating a moving meditation of self-awareness. This style of yoga energises and invigorates the entire body and greatly assists with relieving and dissolving any tension you may have in your body and mind.

Vinyasa Flow combines dynamic movement, strengthening and stretching techniques, conscious breathing, mindful awareness and relaxation. It’s a comprehensive practice that helps to improve your strength, stamina, balance, mobility, posture and body awareness, while at the same time reducing tension, stress and poor postural habits.

Suitable for both beginners and the more experienced yogi, you’ll leave each class feeling refreshed and alive, with a peaceful mind and a calm heart.

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Yin + Yang blends the best of both worlds. It combines the strong, dynamic and active flow of a Vinyasa Flow class with the soft, slow stillness of a Yin Yoga class.

Yin + Yang classes are suitable for everyone – no experience necessary.

Classes are an hour long and are held every Wednesday at 9.30am at Studio Soul Space in Willunga.

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Fertility Yoga is a nurturing feminine approach to yoga that supports you as you work to optimise your fertility and reproductive health. During this practice you’re encouraged to tune in and honour the different stages of your menstrual cycle and to connect with your heart and womb space to better support your body during this incredibly special and sometimes difficult time in your life.

You’ll be fully supported and held in a safe space while you navigate your journey towards motherhood—whether it’s your first or a subsequent pregnancy—and learn to trust in your body.

Fertility Yoga classes are suitable for all women, whether you’ve practiced yoga before or not.

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Feminine Flow Yoga is a feel-good yoga series created to help you connect with your body and to honour your mental and emotional health and wellbeing as a woman.

During this beautifully feminine practice, you’ll be encouraged to connect with what your mind, body and heart are needing right now, and to give your body the care and attention it needs.

Feminine Flow is perfect for you if you’re interested in learning more about your monthly cycle or you’re looking for a yoga practice that supports your fertility. Learning and understanding your body’s natural cycle can bring a greater awareness and acceptance of the shifts you are constantly experiencing as a result of hormonal fluctuations. Knowing yourself on such an intimate level deepens your connection to the power and natural intelligence of your own body.

This class is suitable for all levels and women at all stages of life are encouraged to join us for this nurturing and nourishing yoga series.

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Private 1:1 yoga sessions are perfect if you:

  • want to start practicing yoga but feel a little intimidated by the thought of joining a class without any prior experience
  • have a specific need you’d like to address and would prefer 1:1 care and support while you navigate through it
  • would find it easier to maintain your yoga practice if it was done in your own home
  • are part of a small group of people who would like a private session for a special event (bridal shower, birthday etc.) or for a regular practice at a time that suits you all
  • just want some quality time for yourself with no one else (except me!) around.

Private yoga sessions can take place either at your home or at Studio Soul Space in Willunga.

During your session I’ll help you feel relaxed and supported as you experience the beautiful, relaxing movements of your yoga session in complete privacy.

For more information on private 1:1 yoga sessions or to find a date and time that works for you, SEND ME AN EMAIL.

Workplace yoga supports the health and wellbeing of your team and gives them a well-deserved break. By helping them find some stillness in their day you can help your team reduce their stress levels, increase productivity and clear away that mid-afternoon brain fog that seems to always creep in.

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“My weekly yoga sessions with Melanie greatly reduce my anxiety and allow me to find stillness and tune out whenever I need it most.” -Meghan